a beautiful charming lady who embodies elegance. a greek to boot she will look after you and feed you cake.
“pavlina to franaiki mou, “would you like some cake?”

“pavlina is a lady and will not laugh at your dirty jokes (heeeheeeheeehee)”
a deeply insulting, derogatory term for a woman; embodies all that is sterotypically negative about womanhood.

a s-xually promiscuous woman who uses men ruthlessly for s-x, money and power, will shamelessly exploit her femininity and offer outlandish s-xual favours for gain.

an alternative more recent slang form equivalent of a “pavlina” is “pavsh-g”.

the term is said to be czech; originating specifically in relation to a particular type of prague female.
“she’s a right pavlina”

“i hate her – pavsh-g b-tch screwed my husband”

“dopey b-st-rd got pavsh-gged” (to indicate a man who was foolish enough to fall victim)

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