someones who buys addons on a video game just to end up being still -ss.
“he bought shark cards on gta , and hes still a pay-ss!”

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  • kapkan

    a sly motherf-cker who uses their tactical tripwire mines to destroy your f-cking ankles. you’ll often see kapkans waiting for you in a corner to break down a window or sp-wn-peeking to get that sweet satisfaction. “kapkan is to the right in the corner!”

  • masturtickle

    to tickle, stroke or caress ones own body. i was so hungover but my boyfriend wasn’t here so i had to masturtickle.

  • dutfucked

    stranded due to ill-conceived on-the-fly immigration policy decisions. hey there’s a dentist shortage in australia but all the foreign teaching dentists are being sent home. well, melbourne dental school will be dutf-cked then.

  • make (something) great again

    to completely destroy it. donald trump will make (something) great again.

  • reversed wet willy

    the act of putting your finger in your ear and placing in ones mouth ive never even heard of the reversed wet w-lly..that was disgusting! we’re not friends anymore

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