someone who pays attention
sean is an payattentioner`

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  • pigget

    a female cop (usually fat) who sits around in her cop car near popular hangout places with one goal in mind-to bust kids for no reason. she usually parks right next to a place where many kids hangout and she chases off/arrests them for no reason at all. because of large amounts of fat, she […]

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    expression of amazement, shock,unbelievable reaction which is universal in nature. it can bee use in a positive as well as negative way. anything expression that cant be describe by words should use perh instead. preto :a helicopter landed on my rooftop last night. jasonvorhees :really? perhhhhh… minami:my boyfriend dump me last night hakuto:perhhhh.i told ja […]

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    the non-s-xist version of boycott. part of the alfredian language. let’s all personcott alfie!

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    that person/persons who remind you to look at your situation in a different light by comparing it with the situation of themselves or others.they usually spring into action when you are feeling sorry for yourself or you think things are going badly for you. guy 1- “holy cr-p it’s hot out here! it must be […]

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