an anime nerd, and likes games, especially supercell games.
hey, look! it’s pazboy

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  • deprocious

    a depressing, -ss-wiping b-mlick who will never be happy no matter what. jon: yo dude, what’s wrong? mike: my food is hot jon: stop being a deprocious -sswipe.

  • f*nny protector

    helping a fellow girl get away from a creep be my f-nny protector and help me get away from is ugly guy

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    someone who is unable to see the best in herself and has low self esteem, but overall has a pure heart. my friends name is cayliynn and she thinks lowly of herself but shes amazing at heart.

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  • hayai

    hayai is the j-panese word for “fast” and is used typically used to describe someone doing something quickly. it is also frequently used in anime, particularly in action anime, when someone is surprised with how fast something is happening. the hero and the villain are fighting each other on what seems to be even terms. […]

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