when you are wowed and it’s legen….. wait for it… dary. pazzam.
*slaps booty* pazzam!!

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    to refuse to go out of your way to make it easier for someone to spread their views using your facilities, your equipment, and your money. 99.9% of all people in the world are no-platformed; the only people who aren’t are members of the elite, such as popular bigots. when a member of the elite […]

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    our god coolday sipped beer while laughing

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    picturing dairy products son, picturedairy, because you are a lactose intolerant little f-ckwad and i wish your mother had aborted you.

  • d*ckin beers

    when one consumes large amounts of beer (particularly in cans ) in a short period of time joe was d-ckin’ beers last night and now he’s p-ssed out on the couch.

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