pca (politically correct -sshole). people in authority who carry rules on political correctness to absurd lengths.
did you see that some pcas in rhode island banned a kid’s hat honoring the troops because the toy soldiers on it had guns?
post-cognitive awareness.

term used to define the heightened sense of awareness one has to a subject following their initial exposure to it.
“here’s a cl-ssic pca moment. i’d never even heard of the indian poet/philosopher tagore until yesterday and in the 24 hours since then i’ve heard 3 different people make reference to him”.
parmesan cheese anonymous. for those permasn cheese addicts that would like to remain unknown but wanna get off the stuff.
pca meeting next meeting, ted.
a shortened version of “phenchoda”: greatest punjabi diss.

extra emphasis need to be used for this word
chup kar pca
1) public chick approval

2) what is seen as correct in the eyes of women around you

3) the driving force that causes the most problems for the male s-x
“why are you binge drinking dude? ur hammered.”

“it’s all about the pca dude, i know they’ll want me after this.”
porsche club of america. this club sponsers events, like autocrosses, drives, bbqs, and other various acivities to its members who own a porsche. any porsche owner can join regardless of what model or what type of modifications the car has had. the pca is divided into different regions across the u.s. as well.
i’m going to next pca autocross sponsored by the lpr (loma prieta region) in a week.
pca (phantom c-ck in -ss) syndrome, the constant feeling of another man’s c-ck in your -ss when none is present. generally, pca occurs in closet h-m-s-xuals that have yet to fully identify themselves as being gay due to the concealment of their true nature. some of the more severe cases of pca can lead to bowel leakage and involuntary excretions.
those with pca often equate their problem to those with disambiguation or “phantom limb syndrome”. the intense sensation that your limb is still present.

“this cool dude i know came over and we played xbox in our boxers”.
“d-mn, my -ss hurts”.
“i feel like i have to sh-t a lot”.
“i just took a huge sh-t but it feels like i have to go again”.

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