a scatty, flappy woman with a heart of gold and an obsession with cats
“have you seen emma today, shes just bought another cat, she’s such a pearson”

“stop being a pearson!”

“that woman is going to die alone and her dead body will feed her cats for a week, the poor pearson”
adj: a descriptor identifying an individual as incredibly handsome and/or s-xually dominant. also can be used to describe one of alpha-male status who possesses an abnormally large p-n-s.
oh my god jenny, that guy over there is so pearson right now! i just can’t resist his hypnotic gaze. oh i have the sudden urge to drop trou and sit on his enormous member… or becky, that guy is too pearson… i just j-zzed in my pants.
hot babe, blonde blue eyes, hot -ss girl
jason: d-mn did you see pearson shes looking fine!
to overprice a book, fail to support it, and provide substandard online materials for it.

etymology – user willfe’s comment from reddit thread by user yardape6
i bought an e-book but never managed to get downloadable cd content for it from the publisher. they pearsoned the book.
a dark skinned peadophile who roams about school premises during break times
haha u look like a pearson with that long trench coat on
directly related to a mr robert “harold shipman” pearson, the legendary dungeons and dragons melch murderer of manchester university, circa 1988. the male in question should have levels of social r-t-rdation bordering on the autistic, a love for the “sport” of dungeons and dragons(strictly pen and paper variety however), an obesession with the orient, and a fine coating of wiry hair. avoid the male in question at all costs and do not engage in conversation!
omg, that guy is such a weirdo, i hope he doesn’t go all “pearson” on us!

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