problem exists between chair and keyboard
my grandpa vs. an imac
rtfms big brother, it stands for problem exisists between chair and keyboard. a popular term among office network engineers and it support departments, it arose due to a need to descretly describe arrogant users (who falsly believe the system or computer is at fault) in thier presence with a suitably techinal and legitimate-sounding term.
“my doc-ment is gone!”
“don’t worry ma’am, its just a pebcak. john!, we got a pebcak on station 4!”
“ok, i’m on it”
“don’t worry ma’am, we’ll fix it”
pebcak stands for “problem exists between chair and keyboard” thereby referring to a computer problem that is operator induced.
between computer support techs: that problem joe had with his computer was a pebcak problem!
what the actual issue is on 90 percent of all calls to technical support/i.t. help desks, it is an acronym meaning “problem exists between chair and keyboard.”

the use of this term became common when tech support people began to have a need to vent frustration on arrogant callers who had, in fact, themselves caused the problem, yet continued to insist it was the computer’s fault, or the techie’s fault.

so you would explain to the user that it was a pebcak error, and then walk them through how to fix it.
john (technical support person, just leaving work, holding his head in his hands)…

james (technical support person just coming on shift, p-sses john on his way out)

james: “rough day today, john?”

john: “yeah, 99 percent of my calls today were pebcaks…do they make excedrin in one-pound tablets? i have a headache the size of texas!”
problem exists between chair and keyboard
noob: i just can’t fix my comp, any ideas
user1: try google
user2: pebcak lol
problem exists between chair and keyboard – pebck. when some one has asked you to “fix” their computer only to discover that it wasent broken in the firest place the person just dident know what they were doing or to stupid to use the computer in the firest place. popular term with desk top support types.
desk top support type 1: what was the problem with his computer?
desk top support type 2:it was a pebcak issue.

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