pecker leach

1: a woman who luvs to suck the sh-t outta some d-ck
2: someone who is a total -sshole
my girlfriend is a p-ck-r leach……: both definitions covered

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  • p*ck*rwood-jack*ss

    personally-insecure male (usually caucasian) between ages 19 and 29 who over-gels the top front of his short stringy hair, wears mma attire or “rapper” fasions, tries in vain to talk in street-lingo and has a very tight leash on his girlfriend who hates him (she’s often too young). he typically displays his insecurity when a […]

  • p*n*s wacker

    a very short person, so short they could wack your p-n-s while standing straight. pimp: don’t make me send my p-n-s wacker on yo’ -ss!

  • peconomics

    getting huge ripped muscles without using or buying expensive supplements or protein powders. person 1: that guy is so ripped!! person 2: i know!! and he doesnt even use whey protein, he practically lives on peanut b-tter and hot dogs, thats some serious peconomics.

  • p*n*s-wenie

    a subst-tute pejorative for d-ck, it’s also a funny word to say. “he kicked me in the testes. what a p-n-s-wenie!”

  • penman

    a s-xy, young, charming boy. usually lightens the mood and is a natural s-x preditor. latin for ‘s-x g-d’ a penman goes though at least 200 women in his life time. i can’t beileve penman sh-gged every girl at the party last night?! lucky f-cker!

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