simply means pedestrian crossing. when you cross streets, — before you stop, look and listen — you will find ped xing street sign.
ped xing is not one of the names of chinese historical figures, it simply means a shortened pedestrian crossing sign.
pedestrian crossing, but sometimes erroneously thought to be a chinese name. first mentioned in the movie “slackers”.
angela: when i was a little girl, i used to think that the chinese built the roads in america — someone must have told me the chinese built the railroads and i guess i got confused. when the chinese workers finished paving the road, they’d write “ped xing” on it in big white letters, in honor of who i -ssumed was their emperor or something: “ped ching.”
generic repulican candidate for the 2012 us presidential election. his posters can be seen at crosswalks and fire escapes across america. he spends a suspicious amount of time hanging around men’s bathrooms.
“plus he’d really help our relations with china, after all, his name is ped xing” – stephen colbert
the tenth son of the tenth son of confucius who walked the entire length of the great wall of china thereby crossing the entire country. he is commemorated by signs where people walk and cross the intersections of conventional wisdom, in honor of his great accomplishment. he is known also for his philosophy of journeying through the world using one’s own convictions and abilities alone.
“look! that sign indicates that when we cross the street here, we honor the great philosopher and journeyman ped xing!”
1.a sign on a street or road to indicate the route of a pedophile crossing

2.a sign to indicate where a famous j-panese man had crossed
1.ahh, there`s a ped xing sign! hide the kids, molly!

2.oh, a ped xing sign! quick kids, see if you can find any souvenirs!
a character in the tv show “max headroom,” the ceo of the zik-zak corporation that peddled, among other things, a fast-food called “zik-zak burger packs” that, in one episode, contained an addictive simstim

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