a word used by academics to confuse students and justify all manner of outrageous crimes against humanity in the name of education. it is primarily applied in situations when an academic requires the ability to smokescreen their own maladjusted intention and win unwinnable arguments with the minimum amount of effort.
jane “professor, i’d like you to explain to me why i got such a low grade.”

professor “well i don’t really have the time to explain the inner workings of pedagogy to you young lady. even if i did, i’m not sure i could help you to understand.”

jane “huh? what are you talking about?”

professor “you see? exactly.”
the process by which parents and relatives teach (p-ss along) their stupid ways and ridiculous quirks.

-as a side note, this brings up the question…just how do stupid people live so d-mn long?
“way to perpetuate the pedagogy dad. you plan on explaining to the judge you taught me it was o.k. to drink and drive and then beat up on women!”

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