pedal pusher

pants that end mid-calf.
also known as capris, floods, clam diggers etc.
sally wears her pedal pushers while riding her bike so her clothes don’t get caught in the spokes.

a child or young adult who tries to flirt with and/or date much older people. this can be a conscious or unconscious act. to be a pedal pusher is to be the direct opposite of a pedophile.
did you see johnny in math today? he was flirting his b-tt off with mr. wilson. what a pedal pusher!
item of clothing some people call long shorts but they are pedal pushers
maddy wore pedal pushers to school
a bmxer that thinks he is better than everyone. usually found crying because an inliner cut him off and made him stop. they are usually gay and have no friends, so they act cool to impress people, and fail miserably.
f-ggy bmxer: “did you see that fruitbooter jump in front of me?”

guy that doesnt care: “yea, umm, are you gunna cry now?”

inliner that overhears: “shut up you f-ckin pedal pushers!”
a kid who shows up to the skate park wearing knee pads over his jeans.
also can be called a poser like kyle gordon the biggest stroke on the planet.
look at that little p-ssy pedal pusher cryin in the corner next to kyle.

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