an adult or teenager who is simply s-xually attracted to a child. see child

not to be confused with molestor rapist or s-xual -ssault which are separate but can be linked to the above if the pedophile acts on their desires. sometimes also referred to as nonce

unlike ephebophilia it is cl-ssed as a mental disorder
john: did you see the papers today? some teacher in a primary school was rubbing himself whilst looking up the girls skirts
dave: wtf? omg what a sick pedo!
john: yeah i hate pedophilia
s-xuality toward prep-b-scent children.
its the attraction not the act of s-x.
from the greek ‘paedo’ which means ‘child’ and ‘phile’ which means ‘love’
a s-xual orientation that has been demonized and criminalized for centuries.

it is simply having a romantic, physical and s-xual attraction towards children. it has been heavily misused to compare pedophiles with child molestors. two different things.
most pedophiles do not ever molest any children. we have doctor, teachers, artists, policitians, your regular joe, anyone really who is a pedophile.
it is also used to deny children from their own romantic, affectionate and s-xual rights.
there are pedophiles just as there are h-m-s-xuals. the big difference is pedophiles are todays ‘designated perverts’ by society in its big, increasing need to hate on someone. the more we keep pedophilia as a taboo and a dark-underground mystery the less we’re gonna know the truth behind it.
an automatic death sentence if you are in prison. >:^]
at least the homicidal convicts help us get rid of pedophiles by killing them off.
s-xual attraction to pre-p-b-scent children, usually under the age of thirteen.

it is also used as a derogatory term for older people who want to have s-x with the younguns.
my dad told me that most men around the age of forty have pedophilia in them and i was like “what the f-ck dad?!”
a sickness in which an adult is s-xually attracted to children. some of these people clamor for “rights” and even offer the twisted idea that we are denying children their rights by cl-ssifying pedophilia as what it is.

pedo: “we are not child molesters! some of us have respectable jobs and make a lot of money! even if we did abuse children, who are you to deny their right to be abused?!”

human: “canada street said somethin’ about pedophilia….he said when he has kids, he might just put you to sleep like the rabid dog you are.”
pedophilia is wrong… it’s paedophilia.
one guy: “dude, i think he like pedophilia”

another guy: “that’s wrong on so many levels – it’s paedophilia!”

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