the little tinkeling sensation…either, on the toilet, in your pants, on a rock, in a bush, on someone else, in a cup/pot, in the shower, and the main place…pool
-it is yellow or sometimes clear.
-very warm
look in ur toilet….
the yellow stuff that squirts out onto the floor if you don’t know how to use the toilet.
look on the floor…
what i do in the shower when my parents do something horribly cruel to me.
mom: no more soda tonight.

kid: blasphemy!
1) urine
2) urinate
1) your mom smells like pee.
2) i’d like it if your mom would pee on me.
noun: a liquid waste that is given off as a result of the kidneys cleaning toxins in the blood; the color can range from dark yellow to clear

verb: to excrete this fluid
tenses: pee, peeing, peed, pees

also called, urine, p-ss
my little brother thinks it’s funny to pee on the floor

urinate; p-ss; what r kelly does to girls
“dam doo, did u see that video where r kelly p-ssed all over dat girl?! good sh-t!”
the wet sentsation that comes from between your legs when your friend says something really funny and your bladder is full.
hahahaha.. oh sh-t man, i juss peed

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