Peeping Tom

one who spies on others while they are engaged in some sort of lewd behavior. stems from the legend of when lady g-diva rode through the streets of a town nude. she had instructed the townsfolk to not watch her, but one, known simply as tom, peeked and was immediately blinded.
i couldn’t resist being a peeping tom when i p-ssed the nudist camp
a person who spies on people changing, f-cking, or masterbating.
there was a peeping toom looking through katie’s window.
stealthy by nature, peeping toms use the latest state-of-the-art technology such as digital binoculars to spy on woman in any manner of undress.

peeping toms are often featured on talk shows such as maury or the jerry springer show and are always made out to be the bad guy even though every guy in america and the world wishes he could do the same thing.
good ol’ grandpa henry always has plenty of stories of how he used to be a peeping tom when he was in his 20’s and seen plenty of hot naked b–bs.
one who spies on others. they are usually h-rny little fellas that cant get anything face to face.
a peeping tom may simply stalk someone or may take it further, planting hidden cameras in and around the stalked ones home.
pretty much a window fan.
bob’s a peeping tom, he loves looking through those windows.
1. a person (usually a guy) that spies on other people while they are partaking in things you usually do not want other people to see. changing or showering or getting it on, for example.

2. mike patton’s newest band. really amazing groovy sound, featuring guests on every track including dan the automator, norah jones, kool kieth, and more, insuring good variety and delicious sounds.
1. “uh, is that guy spying on us?”
“whoa peeping tom close the curtains!”

2. “have you heard of peeping tom?”
“there’s a pervert sneakin around here?”
“no, mike patton’s new band.”
“oh. no.”

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