a hoe
a big hoe
pekoe is a hoe
a pek-hoe

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  • queeple

    people that walk around queefing these d-mn queeple stinking up the place!

  • codaheadshot

    to call someone garbage at life. that dude was codaheadshot in that league match.

  • coreyanna

    the bestest friend you could have. she is lowkey shy, but when it comes to fighting all about her work! they call her reyanna though she a goddess. she not basic like most of y’all girls! has the best smile ever! she the most finest/cutest girl. and so relevant. no wonder boys talk to her. […]

  • sheyn

    when you blow off a commitment, or a expected commitment, to your own personal advantage. i was supposed to meet with ibm watson, but sheyned on them to do actual work.

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    a technique exclusive to ameri-do-te that will make you invincible to up to 10 opponents at the same time. flail your arms and legs around uncontrollably until you knock out all 10 opponents to perform a proper hurticane. i was about to get jumped in an alleyway by like 10 gangsters, so i busted out […]

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