Penis Colada

the act of sticking your p-n-s into a unsuspecting victims drink, and ‘using your swizzle stick as a swizzle stick.’ can include the added ‘extra’ of bodily fluids.
man, can you believe gups gave jaraad a p-n-s colada at that 21st the other night.
say girl, you want some p-n-s colada?
any drink that has been urinated in, -j-c-l-t-d in, or had a p-n-s inserted into it.

this magical transformation is usual done to enemies who are unaware.
remember, you can turn any of your enemies (or friends) drinks into a p-n-s colada.

i just gave that lucky -sshole a p-n-s colada!
an insult, like penicolada but with p-n-s
” your a p-n-scolada ”
an insult, like penicolada but with p-n-s
” your a p-n-scolada ”
guzzling the penial excrement after a male has consumed a significant amount of pineapple, and tasting the fruity, refreshing flavor.
i gave that dude a bl-w j-b and he’d totally had a full serving of fruit; i slurped up his p-n-s colada.
a deliciously refreshing ‘c-ck’tail of s-m-n depensensed from a loving male organ of into the mouth of a thirsty partner.
victoria must’ve drank a pint of p-n-s colada at the bukkake party in wolverhampton last night!

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