penis marker

after u c-m write your name on your woman’s face with the c-m left on the end of your d-ck
i wrote my name in lisa’s face with my p-n-s marker after i came

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    a small girl taking a huge d-ck that girl was like a guinea pig eating a banana when she gave me head.

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    the act of spreading jam on a girls chest before t-tty-f-cking her duuuude, i gave my girl a slam-o jam-o last night, sh-t was tight!

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    when you doggy a girl and go from no1 to no2 without warning and then tap her mouth with your hand when she cries out when i did my girlfriend last night , she went native indian

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    denim pants usually blue with extra details mainly embroidery on back pockets. often accompanied by ed hardy shirts and other dbag apparel ope theres another r-t-rd in douchebag jeans

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