the collective term for a mans p-n-s and t-st-cl-s. much more efficient since it is one word.
i had to get a physical today. the worst part is having to drop my pants and expose my p-n-sticles so that the doctor could check for a hernia.

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  • petite mort

    little death; -rg-sm after having s-x, mary had a pet-te mort.

  • Per Brandberg

    en icke cool, rödhårig grabb från skogen. kolla vilken per brandberg han är!

  • pharoahed

    to be punched so hard that the victim of this punch is either knocked out or is given a bl–dy nose. dude 1- “d-mn! what happened to you?” dude 2- “shut the h-ll up!” dude 1- -lml- “deebow pharoahed you!”

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    urban hipsters with worthless vanity businesses like combination videography/gourmet bakery stores in “edgy” former industrial neighborhoods. that pie sc-m keeps moving into these neighborhoods and displacing legitimate businesses with cupcake stores.

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    big -ss your girl has a plump tush!

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