the idea that in lieu of better writing, only the fool with the pen could write that the pen was mightier than the sword, so due tell, when no one has swords, around, and everybody still writes or draws their thoughts in any way shape or form
hieroglyphics are characters of penmanship, and so all ill-strative imagery, however symbollic in origins, can be cl-ssed as expressions of penmanship in varying degrees, styles and effectiveness.
penmanship may also refer to the ability to adhere to certain grammatical phrasings and word uses in narrowed down parts of the human race, demons
“i don’t think you can grade me on this thing, and call it poor penmanship. my grandmother is a scholar in quebec, and she knows this checks out splendidly, she said. what standard are you holding me to, exatly?”
“i felt like i could understand ever p-ssage you wrote, each connecting intricately to the other; remarkable penmanship, i’d have to say, and gladly do so, steven…” “gee! thanks mr. miles!”
the physical art (regardless of whether or not the piece of writing is actually correct in terms in of spelling, grammar, morphology, syntax etc..) of legible human handwriting.
father (after reading a student-to-parent from his daughter’s school: really? is this f-sag or what? they want you to hand in all your written homework as computer doc-ments? what these tulips are trying to accomplish by abolishing penmanship is beyond me.

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