Penny Dome Hai Bitch

a penny dome hai b-tch is a male that eats p-ssy for pennies. the standard wages are currently 3 pennies for an hour of service (hence the t-tle; penny dome). however, due to the current economy, prices can be negotiated and its not uncommon to get an hour of service for as low as 1 or 2 pennies.

anybody can become a penny dome hai b-tch provided that the individual is willing to eat p-ssy of all shapes and smells. he must also be willing to provide the service even if the woman he is pleasing has a certain type of disease involving her v-g-n-. the man providing the service can’t say no, or else a fee of 1 penny is deducted from the charge.
jessica: man, i need someone to eat me out.
james: do you have 3 pennies? i got this penny dome hai b-tch on speed dial and he’ll eat you for 3 pennies
jessica: sure, why not? i can spare 3 pennies.

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