‘percy’ is short for ‘personal’ when in the context of cannabis smoking.
if you want the spliff or joint to yourself it’s a percy spliff or it can mean the portion of drugs a dealer is keeping for himself i.e. that’s what i have to sell, the rest is percy
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percy is the street name for a very bad case of hpv virus, otherwise known as genital warts. percy looks like skin tags, or raised moles, but are on the genital area, or the -n-s. some descriptions are that they look like small califlower cl-sters, except they are not white. if you want to see a picture of them, go to yahoo images, and put in the keyword genital warts.
nick caught percy from his sl-tty girlfriend. then he boinked her again trying to give them back to her, and she gave him a double dose.
genital warts. fine if you are a male, because you can see them, but a female with percy is very dangerous because her warts are hidden up in her wee wee
first man: i hear that girl has a very bad case of percy, and she gave warts to her new boyfriend. now he has them all over his p-n-s, and his tongue.
second man: oh sh-t, it couldn’t have been that good to risk that.
first man: dude, he couldn’t see them. they were up inside her stink.
queer, fairy, h-m-, f-g, dipsh-t, queer banger, f-dg- p-ck-r, etc… etc…
drug dealers term describing their ‘personal’ weed that they don’t want to sell to you.
‘this is my percy – sorry mate.’
a percy will be a loyal amazing friend. he will respect you. you will feel like you trust him with his life when around him. he will always be a great boyfriend, brother, and also he will always be up for a good time. and he is daring and hilarious. people always miss him when he isn’t present. he is always good looking and never looks bad
he is a percy. he made me so happy
‘percy’ is short form for personal, but has been injected into the definition of ‘legit, good sh-t and unreal’ (usually pertaining to drugs).
this is because drug dealers keep the best stuff for themselves, a drug dealer’s ‘percy’ weed is the best weed they have. really baked stoners deciced to confuse everyone by calling good weed percy, cause they are f-cked.
“that fat hoe has m-ssive rolls but shes got a fine, percy ghetto booty”

“i have the most percy chronic in all of the greater north america area”
the kid that never got picked in gym cl-ss.
even elton was picked before hin

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