period puncher

a person who sucks as much as periods do and is like a punch in the stomach
did you see how annoying jenna was she’s a period puncher.

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    of or pertaining to someones own perspective in the abstract sense existing along side the factual reality joe only sees the world from his own perspective, some might say he lives in a perspectual reality

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    1. to take a picture of someone taking a picture 2. to take a picture of a picture kenna: that’s a cool picture raymond: i’m going to take a picpic.

  • pizda matii

    it means mothers v-g-n- in romanian. usually used as “f-ck you”. ba,ce dracu’ ai? (dude,what the f-ck is wrong with you?) du-te in pizda matii (f-ck you/go to your mothers v-g-n-)

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  • p**p cramps

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