creepy. describes a middle-aged guy who stares too much and doesn’t realize that young girls aren’t interested in him. a step below a stalker.
the thing she hated most about the bus were the stares from the pervy guy.
lightheartedly perverted, charmingly perverted. one step below kinky.
shall we have regular s-x, or would you like to be a bit pervy today?
someone who is perverted, always thinking about or trying to get s-x.
pervy was h-ttin on all the hoes last night!
used to describe a person who enjoys perving or drooling over people, and thinks about s-x every second of the godd-mn day.
danny, you pervy b-st-rd. stop staring at my p-n-ses!!

(adj.) another word for “perverted”
when dennis did that strip-club-dance at the school, all the kids thought he was pretty pervy.
the act of being like a certain ms. fallas.
whoa!!! that girl is sooooooo pervy.
a plastic or wooden horse who says dirty things and really wants to tickle people.
pervy the horse, famous character of a super-popular web show which exists primarily to rate “which is cuter?”, hosted by a man named chris and his toy horses.

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