it’s a person that is a -sshole.
becca, is a pescabicho!

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  • fragilent

    when a beautiful hungarian women combines fragile and delicate in one word because she thinks it’s english d-mn girl why do you have to be so fragilent

  • motf

    a group of good looking young men, usually good friends, with an objective to hookup with as many girls as possible hey john isn’t that motf i think it is, keep your girl closeby

  • caterin

    sweet and special in a unique way wow caterin is so sweet

  • mom legs

    thick not defined legs d-mn, sams got some mom legs!

  • 7 inch d*ck

    when your d-ck is to big enough to touch your -sshole talk to me when your 7 inch d-ck f-cks yourself

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