when an upper cl-ssman (such as a junior or a senior) adopts the new addition to the school, a freshman. pet freshmans are a joy to have and can help you through sticky situations. upper cl-ssman usually argue over who’s pet freshman is better.
junior (miranda): callie, my amazing pet-freshman i hope this counts as an extra-awesome birthday gift! i mean getting put in an example for urban dictionary? whats more bad-ss then that?
pet-freshman (callie): omg miranda you’re such an awesome junior its ridiculous! thank you soooo much!

senior (michael): man, my stupid pet freshman blows. i should have chosen someone cool like callie.
pet-freshman (conor): but michael i tried so-ooo penny! -runs away-

junior/senior: pet freshman! go kill the other pet freshman!
pet freshman: kah-may-ha-may-haaaa! -pet freshman dies-
when you are a soph-m-re or a higher grade and you meet freshmen who are obvious that they are freshmen. the freshmen are like pets because they’re not used to being in high school like the soph-m-res and uppercl-ssmen have experienced.
girl 1: look at those freshmen sitting at our table.

girl 2: yeah but they’re my pet freshmen

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