stupidly pretentious, like a flower that is full of petals but hollow and empty inside
your attempts to attract everyone’s attention by b-n-l remarks show how petaloso you are.

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    a person who enjoys b–st–lity and often pretends being an animal. the kid in 6th grade that still plays with pencils in the math cl-ss for a more clear example. person 1: hey, remember that guy we met last year? person 2: he was a real kestutis

  • pokémon logic

    pokémon logic is everything that make sense in the pokémon universe. person 1: how can gastly use ice punch? person 2: that’s pokémon logic, dude.

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    someone really gay, a f-gget or s-xual around boys he is such a lamerio

  • Wine and Clit

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