pete meat

a kid who is always down to f-ck s-xy mamacitas always…
pete meat f-cks s-xy mamacitas every day.

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    it’s when you order fish sandwich from mcdonald’s with extra tarter sauce then you go home put it between your mattress and have s-x with it until you c-m then eat it afterwards hey brad i tried the horizontal patty melt last night it was great

  • jaelina

    jaelina is the most beautiful girl ever she is cute and a real sister she will fight any hoe and win most of jaelinas will have a bf named julian or nate.her sister is ketchup jaelina is a real sister

  • spend the ben

    to turn the corner fast and light you the f-ck up don’t make me spend the ben

  • decky c*ck

    a very small p-n-s or 5 inch punisher “whats up kelly do you want some decky c-ck?”

  • jahmelia

    someone who’s smart ,pretty, a great speller, and a great friend guy #1: hey is that jahmelia guy #2: yeah shes the smartest person in our cl-ss

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