short form for:

used in conjunction with girls.
that chick over there, first row in lecture yesterday – she was so d-mn pffa bro!
pretty from far away
me and my boy were walking down the street and we say this dime piece…but then when we got close to her we realized shes was a pffa pretty from far away
the worst poetry site out there. many teenage hopefuls come to get some criticism, but then get torn apart like an autistic kid at a mensa convention. they frequently personally insult the writers themselves in their criticism of the poem. for them, “poetic license” is just an excuse for laziness. their idea of a cliche is something that was written about once five-hundred years ago in romania. if you’re a s-d-st, it’s perfect. if you want some real literary criticism, stay away from these forty-something balding nerds. if they criticized you, don’t worry about it. they hate everyone but themselves. you’re probably actually pretty good.
average criticism:

standard-issue beginner’s self-indulgent, self-immersed prose journal-entry writing loaded with ungrounded and therefore meaningless abstractions and 31 first-person singular pr-nouns which makes clear that the real subject is you, a subject frankly devoid of interest. why should anyone care about the interacracies (?/sic) of your naval when they can read someone else’s wonderful poetry? also, why do the lines have little to do with one another? (maybe because it’s a dynamic poem, jack-ss?)


my poem got bashed at the pffa, but so did everyone else’s.

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