Phantom Menace

refers to a man with a b-n-r walking or standing behind people while poking at them with his erect p-n-s.
d-mn! i just got phantom menaced!
an act whereby someone takes a dump in the tank section of the toilet rather than the bowl, leaving a menacing and lingering smell of unknown source
ron left a phantom menace in the office bathroom before the thanksgiving holiday. upon the office’s return the following monday no on could determine the source of the stench.
the second worst movie ever made. the worst being steven spielberg’s “war of the worlds.”

also known as “star wars episode i” or the phantom menace. due to the introduction of a 2 hour pod-race, and the cgi character “jar jar binks” george lucas is known as the dumbest director in the history of cinema.

the phantom menace sucked donkey b-lls.
the act of letting your dog sh-t in someone else’s yard and then bending over to act like you are picking up the feces without actually doing so. menace comes from the fact that your dog is making waste on another’s property, and phantom comes from the fact that it must be done steathily. this manuever is usually performed at night but can performed during the day against neighbors you have absolutely no respect for.
i just pulled off the phantom menace during the day with mr. chang in the front yard. he yelled at me but i couldn’t understand his oriental gibberish
so basically your doing a girl in the -ss-just before you come you pull your d-ck out of her -ss, spit on her bak, then when she turns around and think your done you come in her face…..
i just phantom menaced the sh-t out of her!!!

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