phi kappa pi

the oldest sorority at suny geneseo (founded in 1872). the sorority is also called “clio” and is exclusive to the hottest, craziest girls on campus.
“my girlfriend is in phi kappa pi”
“oh d-mnnnn….you date a clio? thats hot.”
not only the oldest sorority on the suny geneseo campus, but also the dirtiest and most ratchet girls in the entire school, as well as closed minded and rude to anyone not in their sorority. they are the easiest and sl-ttiest girls by far. however these girls think everyone loves them and that they are better than everyone else, giving them a false sense of ent-tlement on campus that they don’t really have. these girls go by the name of “clio”.
“hey what sorority are you in?”
“phi kappa pi”
“ohhh youre in clio……”

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