f-cking furry
“you know philanomic?” “oh yeah, she’s such a f-cking furry”

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  • banana block

    to block a p-n-s from going into a hole matt i’m going to banana block you because its so small.

  • veranika

    the name veranika is filled with care, respect and all things good. she will most likely be someone who will bring sunshine to your day. she has a smile of gold and is the ideal friend. respects everyone and is a very loyal friend. treasure your veranika. anonymous: veranika is so d-mn perfect. anonymous 2: […]

  • shrimp pilled

    the most enlightened, skeptical, and sociological a person can possibly be, as they can see all the colors and possible futures that are seen by a mantis/pistol shrimp. based balaclava man is shrimp pilled as f-ck.

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    a very kind and caring person who teaches ballroom with all his heart. hey, this is my coach kyryl

  • wuck boi

    a wannabe f-ck boi. usually a boy who acts, dresses, and talks like a f-ck boi but has no game meghan: “girl don’t talk to him he’s a f-ck boi!” shalissa: “b-tch nah he just acts like one… he’s a wuck boi.”

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