a person who f-cks up ones shoes for no reason

originating from scouse slang
there new you philpip

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  • porcelain baptism

    when you accidentally drop your phone in the toilet. “hey man, i was going to call you but then i went and gave my phone the porcelain baptism.”

  • pines*xual

    when humans aren’t satisfying enough for you so you take pleasure in having s-xual intercourse with a pinecone. she doesn’t like boys because she’s pines-xual.

  • teminism

    tumblr feminism. followers of teminism are typically reactionary and r-t-rded, these tumblr feminists are often referred to as sjws. did you hear about the new teminism uproar? apparently some man looked at a woman’s br–sts while walking past the sidewalk! how absurd!

  • laeron

    is a great football player usually girls dream about him but he is a player and haves dreams he will go to the nfl girl : i wish i had laeron lae a lot of girls do

  • goofballin

    when you shoot up meth in one arm, and heroin in the other simultaneously. gives an almost zombie like experience. mom: “hey billy want some dinner?” billy: “uurrghreyyysssnhlakmah” mom: “god dang it william are you goofballin’ again?!” billy: “rhheeeeeeee”

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