the most beautiful, athletic girl you will ever meet. she is smart, funny and awkward but fun to hang out with. she could get all the guys she wants just with her personality. everybody wants to be like phoebe. if you friends with a phoebe count yourself lucky because phoebes are very rare.
alex: i wish i could be phoebe all the guys love her!
ani: i know me too!
annie: me three!
to s-xy for words; a term for someone who is drop dead s-xy
“wow she looks like such a phoebe in that dress”
extremely gorgeous , incredibly confident and fascinating.
perfect in every which way and fun to be around. most incredible person you will ever meet in your enitre life and very down to earth. gets all the guy she wants and has an awesome personality. just one of a kind
“lets go hang out with her shes a total phoebe”
a kind, fun-loving person who’s fun to be around.
wow phoebe, you have beautiful eyes.
a tall blonde s-x machine. she is irresistable. you can’t take your eyes off of her. she is an amazing friend and she is amazing at everything. some may say she could be a goddess.
i wish could hit that phoebe!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish my name was tom so i could.

a smart, intellectual, fun, drop dead gorgeous tall blonde with great fashion sense. she is super hot and gets anyone she wants. everyone wants to be like this unique, loving girl she is.
jen: i’m soooo jealous of phoebe! i want to be just like her!
alex: me too!!!
sarah: me threeeeee!!
the best person in the whole world. she is so gorgeous & she does everything write. she is the best thing that could ever happen to a guy & a b-tches worst nightmare.
phoebe is so fine 😉
an awesome-sauce person who is amazing. really smart and funny. tends to use the word ‘derp’ in strange situations.
nicknames include, pheebs, phoibs, big poi and pheebo.
phoebes are generally the most amazing kind of people out there. if you meet a phoebe, they will change your life for the better.

best friend you could ask for <3 person: i met an awesome person today. me: was her name phoebe? person: yep! ←

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