a supersweet, superhot guy
my bf is such a phong!
thong underwear that 1st started just as a bad pr-nunciation
that hoodrat wears her phongs up to her t-ts
most often used as an extreme insult amongst those of the legal profession, although it can be used in general conversation, it essentially is a very large bag of douche that has gone sour and is no longer acceptable for freshening purposes.
oh man you are such a majorly huge phong!
boy with extremely small eyes.
wow, did you look at that guys eyes?

yeah, they’re like phong’s!
a supper sweat, loving girl who can conquer the world. she has the most beautiful smile that can light up your world!
did you see that phong that girl had…
anything toward the negative side.
what in blue phong is that??

god that kid is such a phonggat!
a s-xy pink or purple thong
lets go to victoria’s secret and get some phongs!

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