a cooler way to say funny

pr-nounced : “f-oo-nee”
“that joke was so phooney, i p-ssed myself.”

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  • dowi b*tt

    a dowi b-tt is specifically a creature who loves to pee and eat lots of food. they are very sweet , happy , and hungry. they have have a voice of a mouse and have soft skin. sam – “look! we spotted a wild dowi b-tt!” rachel – “i’m going to name my dog dowi […]

  • jiggawaffa

    a term used by middle-aged, upper cl-ss jewish men to describe people of the negro race. usually not used in a derogitory sense. joel: oh boy, look at all them jiggawaffas. we must not be in the upper east side anymore. abby: oh my god dad! shut up!

  • coldhurst

    coldhurst is a small hood, north of england. crowded with expert gangsters, high cl-ss druggies. nst is also a huge movement in coldhurst one of the biggest gang in england. dont go to coldhurst bro they’ll knock you out!

  • chocolate hawk

    when your rock climbing and you have to p–p off the rock face. josh ate too much granola and soy protein shakes while climbing and had to drop a chocolate hawk half way up the climb.

  • stephen tucker

    rough around the edges but if you peel back the layers you will find someone who is impossible not to love. they only want people to stay and be loyal. they are amazing people. he’s such a stephen tucker.

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