an alternative which is used by many people who do not own phones to take selfies and to post them on social media.
“guys check out my new instagram post.”
“ew you took it on photobooth?”
“no i didn’t…”
possibly one of the most pointless, but fun, apps for a computer. ever. it uses the built-in camera on an imac or macbook to take all sorts of goofy pictures. not only can you take pictures, you can also do all sorts of goofy distortion effects, and color filters, such as thermal, x-ray, and comic book.
photobooth sucks up too much of my spare time.
one of the most romantic places ever, if you think about it. just you and your lover, making funny faces and kissing as photos are taken of you. outside the photo booth could be a busy mall or street corner, but in there, it’s just the two of you enjoying eachother, and you’ll have pictures to remember it by.

also a pretty good death cab song.
oh look, it’s a photo booth. got any quarters?
a photo booth is when mid-way through a shower, you get hit with a sudden urge to beat one off. just before the critical moment, feeling proud of what you’re doing, you call out to your lady friend under the pretence that you need to ask her something important and then go stealthily quiet. as soon as she presses her face up against the gl-ss to see what is going on through the steam, you rush the shower door and shoot your load onto the gl-ss like a camera flash going off in her face.
last night i thought it would be the perfect time to give melissa the photo booth…..the moment was captured

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