adjective based on euphamism for f-ckin’ – see friggin’ and implying some related activity involving a telephone ph-.
“i get too many phriggin phone calls.”

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  • pivotmite

    an animator from the united kingdom famous for his random flying knives trilogy. he is currently and supposedly working on a fourth edition to the sequel. rfk is pivotmite gold!

  • phruster

    someone with a huge c-ck who is constantly thrusting his large p-n-s at the wrong time, often while making out. a really good s-xer. marstin is a serious phruster

  • ph*kler

    a court jester, who f-cks up all his already sh-thouse material. this jester is a complete f-ckin’ ph-kler, he wouldn’t know if his -rs- was on fire. how much did you pay for this gimp.

  • pictacious

    to be in the mood to take a picture. -i’m feeling quite pictacious today. -do you want to take some pictures, i’m feeling pictacious. (how i invented this word- aha..i was thinking of how to describe being in the mood to take a picture…and i just typed use it!!)

  • picudo

    a mexican word for a gangsta (cholo) wanna-be, usually younger, a junior high student, who thinks he’s all that. mire el picudo, ese. se cree muy muy. look at that wanna-be, he thinks he’s all that.

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