a phyllis is a lying, scandalous, old, c-nt. she makes deals with the devil, so that she can destroy people’s lives. she prays on young children and is very ugly.
that lady is so evil, that she is a phyllis.
the best daughter, sister, mother, wife, and friend anyone could ask for! always there when you need her and will go above and beyond what is asked of her. selfless. comp-ssionate. shy. puts so much of herself into her work.
i’m so glad i have a phyllis!
phyllis is a person who is intelligent and extremly empathetic. always does for others and puts everyones needs above her own. someone who people look to as their therapist. in all, a great person.
intelligent, empathetic, therapist and phyllis
awesome, great, amazing. the highest compliment. “phyllis” diller = killer! use “mad” in place of very.
that groove is mad phyllis!
your mom
look at phyllis
someone who sends scary looks your way – the only way to escape her glare of death is to yell “phyllis!” 3 times while banging a fist on the table.
oh no! it’s a phyllis glare!!!!
a large, black coffee.
i need a phyllis.
would your pour me another cup of phyllis.
i want a phyllis, i get the senyah’s discount.
a phyllis is an ugly woman who is in kahoots with the devil. there is nothing good about a phyllis or anyone that -ssociates with one. a phyllis spends her days doing mediocre art, eating tuna salad sandwiches, and plotting ways to destroy others with her henchie minions. a phyllis usually has a thick neck, chicklet teeth, and flabby skin.
that phyllis needs to go to the mental inst-tution.

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