the more refined and less aggressive form of pit bull. a kinder, gentler term that better reflects the true nature of these great friends.
i cant get this d-mn evil pibble to stop snuggling with me. gosh!

fact: peta kills more pibbles than anybody.
a term of endearment used when referring to american pit bull terriers, american staffordshire terriers, staffordshire bull terriers, or any one of the three mixed with any other breed of dog.

my dog is an adopted pibble.
a slang term for pit bull; makes the dog sound more friendly and cute
i need to go feed a hungry pibble
the small amount of floating faeces sometimes left int he toilet bowl.
i flushed but there was still pibble there.
(noun)- the left-overs in a container or vesicle that are impossible to get to or make use of.
“i wish i could get this pibble!”

“throw away that tube of toothpaste/tub of b-tter/bottle of yazoo, there’s just pibble in there”
a pibble is a small ammount of an alcoholic bevarage (usually a type of alcohol -ssociated with psoh or rich types such as brandy or port.)
“i will have a pibble of port with my tea wilson.” “yessah”
the last bit of s-m-n to dribble out after an -rg-sm. usually disposed of with a flick of the d-ck.
i flicked my pibble on her chin.

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