pic is an acronym for playing it cool. pic means not acting interested/needy when interacting with someone in order to not appear anxious or over eager.
“so i really like luke but after i acted too needy too soon with the last guy this time i am definitely going to pic. i’m only going to text him if he texts me first.”
pic is short for picture. used to describe any photograph or picture posted on the internet. once it’s on the internet, it’s a pic.
can you send me that nude pic of the olsen twins?
(p)artner (i)n (c)rime-or pic is another name for a best friend.
“my pic and i went to the warped tour”
short for pictures, commonly used on forums. necessary when posting anything with br–sts.
guy1: dude, i just boned this hawt chickz0r
guy2: pics????
this is short for picture
omg! i love that pic!
defintion is partner in crime
go on her site ans see her p.i.c it’s showwa
partners in crime(p.i.c)
a gang from north toledo creators: ciphur bohdi
colors: silver/black
colored tees
partner in crime
ashley is my pic.

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