common london slang, used by the elite cool. shortened version of stupid. either used as a noun or an adjective.
tom: g-d you’re such a pid.


tom: g-d, that was such a pid thing to do.
– a powder derived from squid, extremely sqoudery.
bernard became high eating too much pid. -see sqoudered pid
p-n-s in disguise
omg have you seen that huge pid!
abbreviation for pelvic inflammitory disease. usually accompanied by a foul-smelling v-g-n-l discharge. caused by micro organisms that come from a few token std’s.
johnny, you’re such a pid whiffer.

randall, thats a pid licker you’re talking to!
p-ssy in distress. female’s state of being h-rny.
big poppa i just had to call you because i’ve got pid.
when you feel lazy, chill, or tired.
anyone want to text me? i feel pid right now.
abbreviation of ‘stupid’.
that movie was really pid!

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