syn. to dilly dally
quit piddlesh-ttin around!

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    when you gets to 4 o’clock and your boss looks around at a pile of rubble he’s just made and says “alright let’s have a square away,” you diligently sweep it up only for him to make more mess as he looks busy for the last half hour when the punter turns up. can also […]

  • pheross

    a f-ggot that has an obsession with saying your mum because he is a g-y c-nt “this is sooo sh-t” “your mum is sh-t” pheross

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    nope, i can’t hear you. try asking again. astronaut: *beep* can you hear me? g control: *beep* nope. try asking with a nicer tone.

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    to be mickey moused is to be completely and utterly beyond the realms of drunkedness. ‘plastered’ and ‘wasted’ have nothing on embodying this walt disney character. steam boat willie? roger rabbit? not a chance. you are so far gone that a whole advertising industry could make money from you all over again. walt disney made […]

  • visilex

    someone who is anonymous online he is visilex lets not talk to him

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