a person who constantly flips people off and refers to their mothers inappropriately.
i just slept with your mom. -middle finger-
common term for those who commit acts of thievery, directly related to p-rnographic materials.
oh my god, that pieracci stole my pr0n!
one whom has s-x with elderly women(namely older mothers) and brags about it to everyone.
(pieracci)- dude i just did your mom!
(mayes) – that’s gross man, she’s like 70!
(pieracci)- wait till i tell the guy’s at the office.
commiting an act of thievery upon objects such as lightsaber keyrings, and company calendars. also, another term for “stealer.”
dude, you just pieraccied that scooby doo watch.
person who likes to dance in a robe around dead people when he thinks he is “invisible”
gwi: lawl lets dance around the corpses they cant see us!

gwi dances gleefully around the corpses
person 1: who is gwi
person 2: wtf
gwi: oh shnaps
mochi: ahh ffs

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