italian hottie
wonderful person
italian hottie

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  • Pied as a piper

    to be drunk (pied) as a piper (somebody who is drunk…very drunk) wow, i drank so much last night that i came home pied as a piper.

  • shmohog

    a: someone who displays a general lack of common sense. b: a licensed motorist who exhibits poor driving ability. c: an individual who is unknowingly behaving like an idiot. a: phonics is a shmohog because his wallet was in his back pocket when he thought he lost it. b: that shmohog just cut me off! […]

  • Pigeon Eating

    the act of tearing off little pieces of bread with your fingers and eating it like pigeons do. robert stop playing with you’re food, it looks like you’re pigeon eating.

  • knob stilton

    literally, sm-gm-. the white cheesey substance, found under the foreskin (if its not cleaned often…) origin: warrington, england “dont you ever wash, look at that lump of kn-b stilton!”

  • Fucking diesel

    when a person is content at that particular moment in time. geezer a: how are you? geezer b: f-cking diesel! geezer a: safe blood

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