Pigney Spears

a fat, washed up pop singer from louisiana, britney spears, aka, pigney spears is best known for her nasally, out of tune voice, her lip syncing in concerts, her love of cheetos and venti frappuccinos, her stained clothing, her chain smoking, her bitten down, half polished nails, her acne filled skin, and her terrific marriage to k-fed.

most recently known for going bat sh-t crazy, shaving off her hair, gaining 50 pounds, losing custody of her kids, failing career, showing off her gross v-g-n- in public, yelling out “mah p-ssy is hanging out” in concert. she knows how to keep it cl-ssy.

call christina “floptina” all you want, but at least she isn’t a train wreck like pigney. she never lost custody of her son.
we went to see pigney spears in concert and all she did as stand there and lip sync!

pigney spears has the skin of a 46 year old woman

pigney spears is bat sh-t insane

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