to steal.
pilferer : “i pilfered a stereo in a small riot downtown.”
dude : “did you pilfer any cd’s to go with it.”
pilferer : “nah. i nearly got caught pilfering this.”
also used to describe to rumage through someones stuff, without their permision.
there was a truck parked outside with a bunch stuff in the back, i pilfered through it and found this boxfull of goodies.
person that sits in a bathtub, farts, then bites at the bubbles
chris’s breath smells like sh-t because he’s a pilfer.
to borrow; for an undetermined amount of time, without permission.
sarah left her clothes at my house, and they fit me. when i moved i took them with me. i pilfered some way cool clothes.
not a word.
tim: pilfer is a word!
me: no it’s not.
to have s-x with someone’s father. the object of the “pilfering” would be the son or daughter who incurred the act, and any siblings who subsequently learned of it would be unintentionally “pilfered” as well.
evan pilfered jacob and showed us the pics. jacob’s dad is a top; who knew?
an activity enjoyed by meth heads; this includes rummaging and pocketing through someone elses belongings. abandoned houses are an easy target. the dopey’s usually aquire a dozen flashlights, broken watches, bluetooth speakers and portable batteries.
hey jim tom, lets go pilfer out in pongo tonight?

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