pill shaming

the action or practice of making mocking or critical comments about people who take medication.

pill shaming is most-often directed at people who take/endorse taking psychotropic medicactions as part of a mental health relapse-prevention/recovery plan. as with fat shaming, pill shaming achieves little other than frustrate and humiliate individuals who may already be feeling self-conscious and vulnerable..

those who indulge in pill shaming are often ideologically driven (eg: scientologists), but sometimes they’re just ignorant fools. since 2013 the act of pill shaming is sometimes called-out on twitter with the hashtag #pillshaming.
ffs! don’t you think there’s enough stigma about mental health already? i found an antidepressant that works for me. critising people who take psych meds as victims of a psychiatry-big pharma conspiracy does not help me. it’s nasty, ill-informed pill shaming.

i really, really dislike being told i am being fooled or oppressed because i take meds. on the contrary, i’m empowered to live #pillshaming

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