person i’d like to stab
“oh, really? you think i’m a milf? well you’re a pils. p-i-l-s” “oooh, what’s that?” “person i’d like to stab.”

-the rocker
short for “person i’d like to stab.”

used in the 2008 movie ‘the rocker’
“hey baby! you’re a real milf!”

“yeah? well you’re a real pils!”
short for pillick, and prat
you pil
your such a pil
paralysed in laughter

a more extreme version of lol, lmao and rofl. and less rediculous. cos tbh, who actually laughs their -ss off?
‘ if lol was a drug i’d be in rehab’
‘pil pil pil’
sometimes a person is such a pillock that the whole word doesn’t need to be spoken in full; such pillockory warrants only the three letter variety.
more embarasing and subtle than the longer version.
bloke – “wahey, i’ve had a half pint of kaliber and i’m dancing around around b-ll-ck naked”
mate – “don’t be a pil”

bloke – pulls out the blue bag from the salt & shake “look! i’ve won something”
mate “bl–dy pil”
short for the old style pilsner brewed by molson, which is a good quality beer and very tasty.
hey man toss me another pil.
short for “compilation”. predominantly used on internet p-rn tube sites. “pil” or “compilation” describes videos containing a collection of several short clips of one specific s-xual act, fetish or genre shown back to back. these videos are useful when an individual want to view a certain type of p-rnography but does not care to view full scenes, i.e. foreplay to c-mshot.
popular “pils” include: facials, c-mshots, bl-wj-bs, handjobs, squirting, ect.

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