typical basic white girl, likes sh-tty bands like 1d and 5sos. is known to keep up with current trends like dabbing, whipping and nae-naeing. has some form of undiagnosed mental illness, results in an incredibly large amount of baes (99.9% of which she will never meet) and thinks she is married to too many of them. dresses like scarce/wears typical white girl outfits. screams in a combination of carefully selected lower and upper case letters when anyone disrespects her baes. can be seen with other white girls, in places such such as raves, orgies and starbucks. somehow spelt “i send one message” as “ine phyo”. actually f-cking writes fanfiction. reads sm-t. listens to g-y music and calls it good. thinks 5sos is rock.
jas is such a f-cking pimkey

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